Our most popular No.1! Outstanding pore effect, drying, acne remedy!

Wrinkles, spots, sagging etc. prescribe a skin care course according to your problem. Ultrasonic vibrations and the power of pure water will pound out dirt and sebum deep inside the pores and scrape off old horny matter (water peeling). Ultrapulse and electroporation force deliver the essence ingredients to the deep skin area on the cleaned skin. There is also a skin-raising effect, so-called small face effect by injection of beauty solution. There is infusion penetrating power which is said to be “no stinging injection”.

Nail Care

Because the nail is another face. Specialty store handling KOH from the Netherlands!

Why is nail care uncommon though most women are taking care of their face and making up. Not only nail colors to color the fingertips, even care that brings out the natural natural shine of the nails, even without color, is sufficiently beautiful. Manicure is not just color. New nail polish “Nail Skin Care” in everyday life.