Get beautiful in beautifulNew form of beauty “Beautiful Bar”
We are constantly aware of trends, are sensitive to beauty troubles, professional staff provide “clean” that suits our customers at low price and short time. Please contact us if you have any problems concerning beauty. Choose the items you need from a professional line of sight, experience the technique of ourselves actually, and practice yourself after returning home. Learning → experience → practice and support self-care by yourself. That is “Beauty Bar”.


  • One
    Learning beautiful

    We are doing various events including one-on-one and group lessons! Worries consultation etc will always be accepted! Please do not worry about it during treatment etc.

  • Two
    Feeling beautiful

    I will experience the professional practice with explanation. We digitize the current state of customers and prescribe items and techniques from there.

  • Three
    Practice beautiful

    We do not sell goods, we will prescribe it according to customers. In order to keep beautiful, we recommend home self-care with prescribed items.

  • Four
    For a short time

    Even if one menu is long, the setting for a short time of about an hour is the beauty of beauty! ♪ as you go shopping ♪

  • Five
    At a low price

    1 Menu With 500 yen ~ 3,000 yen, you can continue without difficulty even if you multiply the menu! Moreover, you can experience all the high quality and high effect guts.

  • Six
    While “while”

    How to call “while beauty”. For example, I will do nail and skin care at the same time! Even if you do not have time, it’s okay. Beautiful and quickly.